assembling all the chassis components

And now, the most important phase of the entire project log, a moment that I waited for 2 years!! I can finally remove all the white protective films from the panels and assemble all the case components, so I can see for the first time the real appearance of the transparent chassis and the internal structures, that until now I had only imagined 😀

And these are the phases:

removing the film from the stainless steel base (I had to remove and remount all the joints)

Cutting the rounded corner of the steel base:

One by one, washing and assembling the walls of the outer chassis:

And for the first time, the outer chassis assembled without the protective films! 😀

two L shaped bars to fix the PSU on the base:

And now, a lot of pics of the assembled case! 😀

The outer chassis:

Assembling the internal structures:

Here I put the bolts on the motherboard structure:

The sensors circuit encasing:

The hard disk structure:

The motherboard structure:

The optical drive structure:

And now an overview with (almost) all the assembled components, and some details:

And finally the two steel bars in which I will mount the PSU cover (these pics are taken before the third attempt to bend the PSU cover, so in that moment I didn’t have yet the final cover to mount in the case):

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