bending the motherboard structure

and now the troubles begin… 😀

at this point I should have had to bend a side of the panel, but I couldn’t do it and I got hurt in the various attempts.

First I have done a mild attempt


then I used a little more strength…

result: failed (and a broken cutting board)

then I used more and more strong methods:


after this attempt, with a broken board and a crushed and bleeding finger, I used another bigger chopping board!


result: polycarbonate that did not bend at all, and some scratches in the bending area:

But finally I have won my battle against the polycarbonate!

How I have done:

first I put it in a vice with a robust wood board, then I went on the board with my full weight, to obtain a first bending.

then, given the first bending, I placed the panel in the gap of a wood planer (about 1 ton of weight), which has been stronger than the chopping board! 😀

the wood planer:

I fit the panel in the wood planer:

the locked panel:

the wood board on the panel:

Then I and my father went both on a wood beam placed on the panel, and our weight combined has done the magic!

and finally the bended panel! 😀

Then I mounted a dummy motherboard on the structure (the paper sheet simulates the 24.4cm width of a full-atx motherboard):

…and I placed the dummy components in the case (the box of the camera should be a dummy 2 hdd structure, and the mysterious component under the shirt is… the mysterious component 😀 )

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