making the “prankster bit”

I added a thing to the case that I wanted to do from the beginning of the project! 😀

The device I wanted to make was a handmade mechanically moved object, that represented the final weapon of Tron 2.0: the “Prankster Bit”.

This weapon can be seen in this short video, and it is basically a purple glowing cylinder with some animated dark fins flying all around:

First I needed a slow electric motor to move a bicycle brake cable back and forth: I made it using a motor and some gears from my Lego technic stack:

Then I cutted some thin strips of polycarbonate:

Then I took a bicycle brake cable, I removed the black plastic sheat, and I inserted it with an electric cable in a transparent rubber tube (so the appearance of this cable is similar to the structural joints).

I glued with epoxy one of the brake cable’s ends to two Lego pieces:

At this point, I started to work on the actual “Prankster bit”:

For the glowing cylinder I used this plastic graduated cylinder:

I sanded it to make it translucent, keeping some parts transparent:

Then I cutted the triangular fins from an aluminium bar:

I made some holes all around the cylinder (a hole for each fin), then I polished the edges of the polycarbonate strips:

I drilled a hole on the strips ends:

Then I opened this holes, to obtain a sort of socket to join the strips to a central shaft:

And then I assembled all the strips on the central shaft (a threaded steel bar) in the cylinder:

Now, you can imagine that moving back and forth the central shaft, all the strips will be moved accordingly 😀

At this point I joined the shaft to the brake cable, and a purple cold cathode light to the electric cable:

Then I polished and glued the aluminium fins to the polycarbonate strips:

And finally two pics of the assembled and lighted “prankster bit”, mounted in the case 😀 :

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