optical drive structure

The structure of the optical drive is quite different from the others, because instead of the base will be mounted on a wall, more precisely on the wall behind the monitor, with the tray opening to the right.
The problem is: how to make a cool way to open the drive tray?

This is my idea to do it 😀 :

Drawing and cutting some pieces:

Then, as usual, I polished the edges:

an I drilled the holes:

then I temporarily mounted the pieces on the optical drive:

…in the last picture can you begin to guess something about the opening system that I had mentioned before? 😀

I finished the whole structure, I only have to mount it on the wall:

first, I needed a polycarbonate disk:

…this disk has to be mounted on the structure in this way:

One of the two supports is a pivot, and on the other the disc can move a few millimeters due to the oval hole that allows it to move back and forth.
Then, on the disk there is a bolt that presses the drive button when someone presses the disk 😀

Now it’s time to polish the edge of the disk.

before the polishing:

first pass:

final result:

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