Beginning the making of touch sensors’ circuit

This is the making of touch sensors’ circuit:
(For the making of this circuit I must do special thanks to Axeman for his help)

I ordered 8 qt110 (the chips that control touch sensors):

(there are only 7 switches because I toasted one while I was soldering it 🙁 )

First purchases (resistors, capacitors, two integrated 74ls06 (which reverses the signals from QT110, for the relays), 6 relays and a new soldering iron)

Begin soldering:

This is the first touch sensor (the sensor is the red cable rolled)

Then I mounted the other chips:

Other purchases: some LEDs, another relay and some mini-switches …

I used mini-switches to make a little change to the original circuit (the blue line that I added on this circuit). With these switches, now I can select the chips’ behaviour: button or switch 😀

So, here i have completed the first step of the touch sensors’ circuit:

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