cutting the polycarbonate panel

Other purchases:

Starting from left:
– Small panel of very thin stainless steel
– Black & decker rt650
– Some clamps
– Carbon paper
– blades with large teeth for the electric saw
– Dremel accessories
– 3 steel bars
– Drawing tools
– Stainless steel base of the case (2.5 mm thick)
– Sanding paper and polish
– White rubber feet
– Box for screws
– 160 bolts
– 160 washers
– 80 closed-head bolts
– wooden bar 2.4 m long (2.4 m is about the diagonal of polycarbonate panel)

I drew the shape of some pieces in the film:

…And I began to cut the first cm with the dremel.

Then I started cutting with an electric saw:

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