Mounting 4 other cold cathode lights

I thought that the case was not enough enlighted, so I added 4 other cold cathodes: two white and two purple.

I have made the purple lights by myself, using white lights and a film of purple chromatic filter:

First I moved another blue neon on the upper part of circuit encasing (so it is enlighted by 2 neons):

Then I put the 6 blue led structure to better light the proximity sensor engraving:

Here I complete the wiring of the two couples of neons:

And here I put the purple neons under the PSU cover:

The white neons must light the motherboard:

One of them lights the motherboard from below:

The other one is hidden behind the big PSU-motherboard cable, so it lights the upper part of the motherboard and the “acid green” transparent plastic wire that spires around the cable’s tube:

This is the effect on the cable’s tube:

And now some overview pics with the new lights:

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