mounting the video projector in the case

…lol I was joking 😀 NOW arrives the mysterious device!

Do you remember that shape drawn on the PSU cover?
I made a big hole on the PSU cover with that shape, because this is the shape of the device’s base:

And this is the device’s base:

The device has a little speaker, so I made an hole on the case for it:

And for the first time in a pic, this is the mysterious device!

Now I do a simple engraving on the PSU cover:

The mysterious device is turned on… 😀

…and after the mirror, there is another technological device… a plastic bag!

Now it should be clear what is the mysterious device: it is a VIDEO PROJECTOR!
It should be a secondary monitor for the pc, projected on the front wall of the left tower.

This is a test of the projector (the projection is reflected from the mirror on the front screen):

And now I can show two old ugly pics from 2005, when I made a first positioning test of the projector and the mirror 😀 :

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