making the cable that links the sensors circuit to all the case devices

Now that all the components are in place, it’s still missing the cable that links the touch sensors circuit to all the various components in the case.

This is the starting material:

The relay for the audio mute button:

Power and reset connectors for the motherboard:

The switch to turn on and off the videoprojector:

This connector must be connected between the videoprojector and his PSU, in this way:


The molex that must be connected to the PC’s PSU:

The molex for powering all the cold cathode lights:

The fan connectors:

The sensors circuit power supply (the circuit must have an indipendent power supply, because it must be always active to power on the pc, even when the PC’s PSU is powered off):

Covering the wires with some heat-shrink sheat:

And this is the completed cable:

The indipendent power supply for the circuit (it belongs to an old mobile phone):

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