polishing edges of the panels

Polishing edges of the panels:

Raw edge:

The first step with the dremel:

The other tools:

Sanding with this sequence of sanding papers: 120, 240, 600, 1000

Some flaws in the sanding:

To smooth these flaws I use this “wool” cylinder:

Now the edge is flawed and ruined again, so I repeat the use of sanding papers, from 240 to 1000

Now the edge is sufficiently smooth to finish with the polishing paste.

The edge polished

And finally the last polishing with toothpaste to achieve the final transparency:

UPDATE: These are a lot of steps, but they must be done only for a very damaged edge (like these edges cutted with a manual electric saw). For an edge cutted with more precise tools (for example an industrial circular saw) these steps are enough:
– sanding paper 240
– sanding paper 600
– polishing paste
– toothpaste

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