replacing the Prankster bit motor

And now it’s the turn of the Prankster bit!

Here I have just washed it:


The first upgrade I have done is to the motor of the prankster bit, because the old Lego motor had a lot of problems: it was too much noisy, big and weak, and the plastic gears were fragile (I broke and replaced some of them in the years).

So I replaced it with an electric motor with integrated reduction gears, that rotates slowly at 20 rpm. I mounted on it an aluminum pulley in which I have drilled an eccentric hole to mount the brake cable:

Immagine Immagine Immagine Immagine

This is a video of the new motor in action, while moving the Prankster bit :

Then I made a simple sanded cover for the motor:

Immagine Immagine Immagine Immagine Immagine

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